Stephanie Conway

Stephanie Conway is Partnership Coordinator at Premier Businesscare.

Whether you’re a self-employed Project Manager or a multi-national Contractor, you’ll always be thinking of and planning your next contract.

But we often think too much about achieving our end goal without focusing on how we’re going to get there. It might sound obvious, but when we’re under pressure from a client to deliver a project on time, or if things have gone wrong and we’re having to play catch up, we tend to forget about the processes we’re using to get things right. For instance, working out who on site is going to do what and how you are going to enable them to do it as quickly as possible. It also means dissecting what has gone wrong and ensuring it doesn’t happen again.

In any sport, understanding what it takes to win is fundamental. In boxing, for example, I’m sure Nicola Adams didn’t just focus on her own performance but on her opponents’ too, to develop effective offensive and defensive techniques.

Laura Trott didn’t become the first British female Olympian to win four golds by luck, but by sheer determination and hard work. She and her sister talk openly about the missed Christmases and family outings because of Laura’s intense training regime –it’s clear she’s dedicated to cycling and, whilst you shouldn’t always expect your workforce to have an all-consuming passion for their jobs, a little commitment will go a long way.

So what’s the key message to take away here? You can’t just focus on the winning; you need to address the whole process to get there – a strategy which no doubt the finalists of the CMYA have worked hard to get right.

And don’t forget to use what you’ve learned in order to improve the process next time. Just as new competitors enter the Olympics every four years, the experienced rowers, throwers and beach-goers need to develop new skills and innovate to stay on top. As a business, you’ll need to overcome challenges, provide innovative ideas and meet deadlines. The CMYA’s are a celebration of your expertise at doing this and an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals.

Finding time to apply Olympic-winning strategies to your business can seem impossible when everything needed doing ‘yesterday’, but I believe that by learning from one or two of those winning strategies and making them part of your businesses DNA, you can give yourself a deserved Olympic gold before moving on to winning the next contract.

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