How to Enter

Entering CMYA can lead to new, exciting opportunities in your career. Take the first step and apply today. 


Why enterAbout CMYA

How to Enter

step 1: register


Click below to go to our sign-up page and create a username and password for your account. Once you sign up you will gain access to the application form.

step 2: Complete the entry form


You don’t need to complete your application in one go. You can save your progress and log back in to continue at any time. Remember, the competition is about you and your values, experience and skills. The project itself isn’t up for an award, you are.

Judging Process

Once applications close, the judging process takes place in three stages.

stage 1: assessment


After the application deadline, the judges start assessing the submitted forms. You will be informed in April if you have made it through to the next stage.

stage 2: Project visits


Judges will visit your site so you can talk through some of the key aspects of your project. This stage usually takes place in April or May. Please note that in 2020 there were no site visits. Read more about the recent changes here.

stage 3: interviews


If you succeed in getting to this stage, you will be invited to London for a formal interview in either May or June. You will be able to bring up to three supporters, clients or line managers with you to support you. Please note that in 2020 there were changes to the interviews. Read more here.

The awards

Why take part?

Who should enter?

CMYA is open to both CIOB members and non-members. You can be a site-based or a non-site-based manager responsible for construction projects, or an individual or multi-site manager. Learn more about our definition of the management of construction.

How to enter?

You can enter an application by registering using a username and password. The application is comprised of four sections: Your Details, Nominators and Personal Statement, Project Details and the Project Report. Please see the guidelines below for more information and tips to help you with this process.

How much does it cost?

CMYA is free to enter. It costs you nothing, just the time taken to complete your application.

Guidance & FAQS: Completing the Application Form

 Below you will find the information you will be asked to provide as part of your application. The application form consists of four sections. You may prepare your answers in advance and submit them at once after you register or work on them over time, making sure you save your progress every time you update the form.

Your Details

This is where you register your details.

We will ask you for:

  • Your name
  • Company
  • Job title
  • Email address
  • Home address
  • Phone number
  • Twitter Handle
  • How you heard about CMYA

You will also be asked to set up a password so you can log back in later to check the status of your application form.

Nominators & Personal Statement

We will ask you to provide:


  • Details of your nominator – this person will be your supporter through the process; usually it is your line manager or client
  • Details of your referee – this is usually your client or architect
  • Your personal statement – you have 250 words to talk about your skills, experience and values
Project Details

This is where you give details of your project and formulate your project report. You will be asked for details on your project by providing a response to the following questions.

Unless stated, the word limit to each question is 600 words. You will be able to upload supporting documents as required.

In this section, you will talk about the:

  • Name of the project
  • Client
  • Final name of the building
  • Project address
  • Project postcode
  • Outline description of the project
  • Form of contract
  • Tender value and the final value of the contract
  • Start and completion dates in tender, and the actual start and completion dates
The Project Report
You will then be asked to complete a set of details to form a project report. The information you provide will allow the judging panel to gain an overall view of the project and your level of responsibility. You can upload supporting information and examples as separate files. Do include a series of project photographs from inception to completion and where possible a reference from your client.

1. Explain your involvement within the pre-contract phase of the project. (600 words)

2. Explain your position within the organisation of the team pre-contract, including your position within the team. Please include tender information if available and an organisation chart. (600 words)

3. Explain how you were involved in the programming of the project inclusive of construction programming? Include examples and construction programmes. (600 words)

4. How did you manage risk, innovation and value engineering? Explain some of the issues and initiatives. Provide examples where applicable. (600 words)

5. How were your relationships with the external project team, including client and consultants? (600 words)

6. Explain the technical difficulties that you came across whilst on the project. Were there any design management processes that were required through the build? (600 words)

7. Did you control the financial elements of the project? (600 words)

8. How did you manage the quality of the project and the practical completion? (600 words)

9. Explain your health, safety and welfare on site, including RIDDOR statistics. (600 words)

10. Did you make any impact on the local area, including sustainability initiatives both onsite and within the local environment? (600 words)

11. Explain the biggest challenge that you faced on the project. (600 words)

12. Why do you feel you should be Construction Manager of the Year? (100 words)