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Paul Jeal MCIOB

St George West London

On this scheme to build 177 apartments in three blocks on a much larger development, Paul Jeal showed his mastery of the fundamental business imperative: making customers happy. He did everything, starting with resolving legacy problems with leaky shower screens. He drove up build quality by introducing precast columns in the frame, permanent formwork for the staircases, and concrete reinforcement on a roll for the floor slabs. His customer satisfaction scores were astonishingly high.

About the Project

Beaufort Park, Hendon, London

Client: St George

Contract: Berkeley Group call-off

Value: £27m

Success for Paul Jeal lies in this: when a customer walks through the door into their home, they feel happy. It’s a simple enough metric, but one that is notoriously difficult to pull off at scale. Paul did so resoundingly on this phase-14 scheme to build 177 apartments in three blocks, achieving a stratospheric net promoter score (a global benchmark for customer satisfaction) of 81.

Sometimes it was Paul’s diligence with the basics that made the difference. He addressed defect trends on the mammoth larger development. He dealt with customer complaints about leaking shower screens by moving to a different product without a hinged screen. He had the corridor paintwork touched up, helped customers move in, arranged new flowers for the planters, ensured site workers were operating cleanly and quietly.

And sometimes it was his pursuit of quality through technical finessing. His incorporation of precast columns in the frame, use of permanent formwork for the staircases, and installation of slab reinforcement from a roll all drove up quality. The innovations also freed up programme for the fit-out end of the build, which has so much immediate impact with potential customers. His achievement of a net promoter score of 92 for the final 50 units makes clear that this was not a project where quality fell away in a mad dash to complete.

Where snags did creep through, Paul made short work of rectifying them. With an average of just 0.5 defects per home reported on this project (the average nationally is 20), he closed them out in an average of five days compared with a contractor average of 15. You can see why his customers are so happy.