Nick Stoyles
Willmott Dixon
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Willmott Dixon

New Addington Leisure and Community Centre, Croydon

Nick Stoyles delivered a defect-free leisure centre six weeks early to a client for whom deadline was as crucial as cost and quality. He saved the client millions by cantilevering the frame over a problematic soakaway and folding a housing subproject into the main build. His extensive research into reported defects on leisure centres and tapping of the experience of the supply chain and other construction managers underpinned a quality that client and operator were delighted with.

About the Project

Client: Croydon Council

Contract: NEC 3 option A

Value: £33m

On this leisure centre scheme the client’s deadline was so critical that the design had not been completed as the construction got under way. Nick Stoyles kept the project on the rails with verve, commitment, diplomacy and technical excellence.

Calamity came quickly with the early discovery of an existing, structurally unsound soakaway under the deep end of the 25m-long six-lane swimming pool. Nick saved the client the £1m needed to re-install or relocate the soakaway by cantilevering the building over it instead. His introduction of a trussed steel frame ensured the pool and the roof could be installed simultaneously so no time was lost.

As the project budget rose to accommodate facilities that had not been designed in at the start, he value-engineered the internal finishes and relocated the drainage to raise levels. He also replaced the roof system with one that had a faster watertight date, and had the cladding made off site to save time and prelim costs.

Nick proved that lack of sector experience is no bar to excellence. Not having built a leisure centre before, he created a list of all defects reported on previous leisure centres, drew on the experiences of supply chain partners and other construction managers, and visited a facility where a large number of issues had arisen during and after the build. He used a list of 400 lessons learned that he drew up as a powerful way to focus the design team and supply chain on eliminating the issues.

Despite the substantial value savings Nick achieved on a complex and challenging scheme, he still delivered the product the stakeholders wanted. He handed over the defect-free building six weeks earlier than the original schedule to a delighted client and operator.