Kevin English
All Finalists2020 Winners


2 Redman Place, Stratford, London

Kevin made excellent use of his engineering background to deliver a safe and cost-effective build of this nine-storey office block. He eliminated work at the leading edge wherever possible through design, fabrication and installation innovation. A safe riser system, roof handrails factory-installed with the cladding, the introduction of steel formwork, the screening of the entire superstructure – all were driven by him. This high-rise project completed with an enviable safety record.

About the Project

Client: Stratford City Business District

Contract: D&B

Value: £108m

As operational safety manager for the entire IQL development in Stratford, Kevin English had everything he needed to take on this job of building a nine-storey block with 280,000sqft of office space. He leveraged his understanding of the construction methodology, logistics and management on the other IQL plots, including two similar buildings, to successfully drive this latest build in the business park.

Safety on the high-rise build was Kevin’s priority. He eliminated work at the leading edge wherever possible through innovation in design, fabrication and installation. With the project unnervingly close to a mainline railway, he had the entire superstructure screened from the ground floor up. As falling materials had been an issue during services installation on previous projects in the business park, he had service holes preformed into the risers, and used magnetic paper to further minimise the falling-object hazard.

Having concluded that the roof handrail design created an unsafe environment for installing the copings, the external cladding and the handrails themselves, Kevin had permanent rails factory-installed as part of the cladding fabrication. The external copings were also factory-fitted.

He eliminated the need to install a plywood topping on falsework by using steel-frame table formwork. The system delivered substantial benefits not just in safety and quality but also in cost by taking a huge quantity of plywood out of the structural formation.

The result of all his efforts was a project with zero reportable incidents and an enviable safety record.