Brian Hanlon
Willmott Dixon
All Finalists2020 Winners

Merseyside Police Patrol Hub, Liverpool

Brian exceeded the expectations of a demanding customer on this police facility. He managed an onerous security vetting process by bringing in the supply chain early. He reprogrammed ruthlessly to give the client an adequate window for its own fit-out and installation specialists that had been overlooked in the contract. And he achieved super-exacting tolerances in the floor slab for channels to take a vast quantity of movable storage racking.

About the Project

Client: Merseyside Police

Contract: NEC 3 option A, Scape framework

Value: £18m

Brian Hanlon’s previous role managing the demolition of an old fruit and veg market for a separate client was the perfect lead-in for this police facility project. His knowledge of the ground conditions on what happened to be the site for the new project was crucial in developing a super-efficient piling, foundation and drainage design. He repositioned the building to avoid encountering unforeseen obstructions in the ground that could have delayed the piling by eight weeks.

He managed an onerous security vetting process with signal success. The 2,000 operatives who ultimately required clearance to access the site were able to do so when they needed to because Brian involved the supply chain exceptionally early. When the groundworks subcontractor went into administration in week two of the project, Brian’s advance purchases of materials helped it survive the restructuring process, so no vetting was needed for new operatives from a replacement firm.

When he realised the client’s own extensive fit-out and installation was not allowed for in the contract or the programme, he undertook a robust reprogramming. By completing the build six weeks before the official handover date, he created a client fit-out window for such elements as a gun crusher, a bullet trap and leading-edge comms system.

He achieved the +/-1mm tolerance for channels in the ground-floor slab to support the vast amount of movable storage racking required. It took a score of design workshops with the concrete floor installer/designer and the racking contractor, separate installation of the racking rails, and a big reduction in the concrete pour bays, but it worked. As the chief constable admiringly put it: ‘Project completed on time, £1.4m below budget, with facilities that take the force into the 21st century.’