Employer: Simons

Project: Nuffield Health Cambridge Hospital

Timely delivery of a new clinical facility immediately adjacent to a live hospital on a very constrained site is no mean challenge. Doing so while respecting the budget and meeting the client’s expectations cranks up the difficulty considerably. Tim Green proved up to the task on this complex and heavily serviced building, demonstrating a confident and impressive management expertise.

Proximity to a fully operational hospital tested his diplomacy as well as his planning and organisation. His proactive, forward-thinking and flexible approach kept the construction momentum while minimising the disruption to the hospital.

Tim achieved the tight budget and programme with innovative ideas. He moved the wind posts forward to the steel frame erection, so the blockwork could be installed immediately the concrete floors were complete. He arranged for temporary roof coverings to get fit-out under way faster. He rationalised the number of wall types.

And when it all went hideously wrong, he found and delivered a decent solution. For example, the locally sourced cream brick facade sample ticked all the right boxes – until it emerged that the bricks were made in batches that colour-deviated ever further until they were arriving on site as pink stocks. Tim stopped the works, took down the already laid brickwork and visited the brick factory to stress what was needed. Deliveries subsequently improved, backed up by his instigation of manual quality checks on site to discard any pink bricks that were still slipping through.