CMYA Finalist

Employer: Greendale Construction

Project: The Walls, Southampton

Despite the briefest of lead-in times and an immovable end date, Stuart Harrison managed this student accommodation project with success.

He put immense effort into the M&E, choosing a subcontractor capable of installing systems that could maintain 75% use of the 79 showers at any one time, and take the waste from these and the same number of toilets and kitchenettes plus laundry facilities. Impressive and unobtrusive, the M&E is a testament to his organisation.

Stuart leveraged the expertise of the M&E supplier. He value-engineered the planned upgrade of the electricity, gas, water and drainage coming into the building by eliminating gas altogether and avoiding an upgrade of the water service. More time and money was saved by replacing the traditional brickwork cladding of the first extra storey and the Kingspan on the second with a lightweight Metsec clad in insulated brick panels.

Programming, scheduling and delivery were complicated by the tightness of the city centre site and active construction sites immediately behind and in front. Stuart offered innovative solutions to technical problems such as supporting the lift shaft while forming the basement and new upper floors.

Whether it was constructing a new shear wall up through the existing building to take the lateral load of the two new floors, adding those new floors or installing an electricity substation, he succeeded. He put in the vast amount of detailed programming and planning to ensure works were carried out cost-effectively.

Positive and focused, he showed a can-do attitude to anything and everything thrown his way. The client was blown away by his work ethic and dedication to the cause.

His management of the project to a very successful outcome, without significant delay or incident, gives the impression that the process was an easy one. On such a technically difficult scheme, with compressed timescale, tight city centre location and other businesses and construction sites in close proximity, nothing could be further from the truth.