CMYA Finalist

Employer: Kier Construction

Project: Emergency Assessment Centre, Wexham Park Hospital, Slough

Keeping the quality up, the cost down and the programme on track is the three-chambered beating heart of every construction project. Nadeem Chaudhry ensured that this project for a one-stop emergency care and assessment centre was delivered efficiently.

With error correction almost impossible in a live hospital emergency department, Nadeem was determined to deliver defect-free by getting the quality right from the start. He built enough time into the programme for the clinicians to review and understand the design and for internal and external snagging.

He set up numerous stakeholder workshops to validate the design, leading virtual reality tours through the corridors and treatment areas of the proposed building. Comments were logged and issues resolved before the design was put into construction. And he assigned clear responsibilities to package managers for quality control and assurance.

Cost was an undoubted issue. With a £2.9m budget shortfall at preconstruction, Nadeem brainstormed value-engineering solutions. Among the raft of options, the standouts were a change to the piling methodology, the reuse in the ground-bearing slab of 12,000 cubic metres of petrol-contaminated soil from the car park site, the deployment of standard products from the ProCure21+ framework, and rationalisation of the services.

By running the enabling works in parallel with the mobilisation period, he cut the main construction programme from 102 weeks to 90, bringing the completion date three months forward. His use of scores of prefabricated services modules in the corridors, made off site as the frame went up on site, took a further seven weeks out of the timetable. When, six months before completion, the client realised an extra eight weeks would be needed to instal major equipment following project handover, Nadeem resequenced and fast-tracked the radiology department works so that the project could still open on time.

Nadeem’s achievement in delivering a snag-free, defect-free project at handover, within budget and a tight timetable, has been further rewarded by the client, which has appointed him the lead for a new £63m hospital build.