CMYA Finalist

Employer: Interserve Construction

Project: Piazza, University of York

In her first project manager role, Lianne Lawson has plenty to feel proud of.

On her first scheme as project manager, Lianne Lawson has plenty to feel proud of. The sizable handicaps included a live campus with over 20,000 students, and a landlocked marshland site where high winds could play havoc with lifting operations. On top of this there were a large number of stakeholders, all with their own frequently changing requirements.

Well-organised programming got her through a difficult project start, when funding issues delayed site commencement. Lianne had to drive the groundworks, substructure and superstructure works through winter, rather than summer, without additional programme time because of an immovable completion date.

She dealt with the programme squeeze with a series of methodology changes to pull back time. She changed the structural inner leaf from blockwork to speedier-to-install SFS and cementitious board, achieving partial watertightness sooner so the internal works could progress.

Her substitution of steel frame for concrete allowed two site cranes working in tandem to save over four weeks. And that in turn gave more time for pouring the slabs – essential for an operation that had been pushed into the cold-weather months by the initial slow site start. She also decided to replace screed topping on the slabs with fibrous concrete, which could be done in the open and poured at the same as the progressive collapse, allowing the internal fit-out to proceed without having to isolate zones for a sand cement screed.