Gold badge

Silver winner

Employer: Skanska

Project: Intensive care unit, Walsall Manor Hospital

As part of a larger PFI contract, Jonathan Cottrell managed this project for an 18-bed critical care unit next to the hospital’s A&E department in the form of a 700sqm refurbishment combined with a 500sqm new build.

While not a mega-project in terms of contract value, a long, long list of stakeholders – including the ward manager, the nursing team, microbiologists, the infection control team, housekeepers and porters – made for a lively design development process and construction delivery.

Jon coordinated the design through a series of workshops and by using building information modelling to detect potential service clashes. His efforts improved bed layouts, access, patient observation levels, patient privacy and staff facilities. He also optimised the thermal envelope and M&E plant to reduce energy demand. His careful management of the design process ensured the successful integration of the delivery, installation and commissioning of the specialist medical equipment.

His value engineering including replacing external access to the new plant room with internal access via the existing plant room. Even though the creation of a functional space was the priority, he produced an aesthetically pleasing design that reflected elements of the recently completed PFI hospital.

Jon embraced an environmentally friendly approach to the works. He avoided disrupting the hospital’s day to day activities by implementing noise, dust and vibration controls, and regularly liaising with the stakeholders. And he laid down a strict inspection and sign-off regime for all finishes and services, with built-in hold points and the use of tablets to record inspections.