Gold badge

Silver winner

Employer: Kier Construction

Project: Trago Mills - Merthyr Tydfil

It takes courage to call a halt to all the flooring works, five weeks before the completion of a warehouse and retail project driven by the client’s desire for an Easter opening, because of the fumes and vapour coming from the installation operations of the resin flooring specialist.

In the ensuing five-day stoppage, Jason Bowen identified that the health and safety data provided for the resin was incorrect, reviewed the rapidly supplied correct data, and addressed the safety concerns by installing temporary forced ventilation in the areas being laid and by monitoring toxic gas levels. Having resequenced other areas during the downtime, he was then able to have the resin floor completed on time as well as safely.

On this project to construct the largest single retail unit in Wales, with a linked warehouse, Jason’s management delivered success. As ground conditions deteriorated quickly in bad weather because of the slow settlement of solids in the silty soil, he had a series of silt fencing within open channels built and outfalls diverted to holding lagoons before being pumped into a treatment plant that extracted the small particles.

His extensive value engineering of a project £2m over budget at concept design stage achieved the client’s financial goals without compromising the scheme. Changes to the air handling units and associated pipework took £1m out of the services cost, while the masonry construction of the three showpiece towers was replaced with a steel frame clad in 20m-tall fibreglass panels fabricated off site.