Gold badge

Silver winner

Employer: Morgan Sindall

Project: St Nicholas' Primary School, Glasgow

Going from five weeks ahead of programme to seven weeks behind in the space of just 18 weeks was David Boyle’s morale-sapping experience on this project to build a replacement school that merged two older schools.

Following a change in Scottish building control requirements, his scheme became the guinea pig for the practical application of a process new to all parties. After numerous meetings, David ultimately brokered an agreement that building warrants could suit the sequence of construction onsite, allowing the envelope works finally to move forward.

On a project so well organised from the start it just added to the frustration. In his enabling works package, David had smartly diverted the existing telecoms and high-voltage electricity cables running under the site during school holidays to avoid disruption to the existing school.

He avoided the necessity of night working for the powerfloat finishing of the concrete floor slabs by employing a new free-flowing, self-compacting concrete product. It eliminated powerfloating – and the need for noise management in a densely populated residential area – and slashed the number of pours required to complete the building’s floor slabs.

When the acoustic consultant raised the problem of the drumming effect of rain falling on the standing seam roof, David’s innovation solved the problem. Dismissing the option of raising the building height by 150mm to allow for a much deeper insulation layer in the roof makeup because of the planning and cost implications, he introduced a cost-effective ceiling grid and tiles.

His quality management strategy incorporated 22 inspection and test plans covering each aspect of the works, the creation of a sample classroom to ensure early buy-in to the desired standards and an electronic snagging system for immediate identification and reporting of snags direct to subcontractors. It was a quality assurance and control process that resulted in just 37 non-conformance reports. Coupled with his able works resequencing that recovered that seven-week deficit and his determination to deliver, he handed over a week ahead of schedule to a happy client.