CMYA Finalist

Employer: Structuretone

Project: London Fruit & Wool Exchange

With a wide-ranging background in Australian construction, Daniel Anderson is the sort of professional all-rounder ideally equipped to take on the multiple challenges thrown up by fast fit-out and refurbishment.

On this remodelling and fit-out of a six-storey building near Spitalfields Market, he efficiently managed all sorts of problems that complicated the difficult constraints of a tight budget and scope gaps. They included massive delays from the base build systems not working properly, the need to drain down the chillers on the roof, the reinstallation of a plate heat exchanger fitted back to front, the late issue of (and failure to update) construction drawings, and a partition and ductwork coordination nightmare for the extract systems of two commercial kitchens.

His technical solutions were particularly noteworthy. Having two generators to drop into an inaccessible double-height basement, he cut a 5sqm hole in the public footpath to the basement, maintaining operational access and watertightness by covering it with a temporary roof on wheels. The three-tonne generator sections were then dropped in over the weekends.

Likewise, with four 7m-long sections that at 3.2 tonnes were too heavy for the span of the cranes to lift into the building, he avoided having to cut them up and bring them up in the goods lift (which would have added weeks of welding time) by removing a couple of panes of glass in the atrium and cantilevering a lifting beam off the building structure. Once in the building, the sections were rolled on their side and moved through a window the next level up.