CMYA Finalist

Employer: Motte & Bailey

Project: The Old Dairy, Guildford

Colin Betts gave his client outstanding advice and support in addressing the difficult circumstances around developing this refurbishment of a derelict dairy as three residential units.

In the construction industry all his working life, Colin Betts was well equipped with prime trade supervisory experience and qualifications for a job of this nature. Deploying people management skills in such informal yet essential roles as counsellor, mentor, confidant and site comedian as well as acting as the project’s buildability expert, quality controller and anti-scope-creep hard man, he single-handedly held a site team of 120 self-employed operatives together on this refurbishment of a derelict dairy as three residential units.

As a builder with plenty of experience of dealing with problem neighbours, he also provided significant legal input to allow the client to proceed with the works in the teeth of opposition from a local landowner threatening court action over alleged trespass.

Colin did the value-engineering work that kept the project viable. He found a breathable roofing membrane 30% cheaper than the one specified. He switched to alternative PIR insulation when the availability of the product initially indicated went down and its price up. And he steered the civil engineering consultants tactfully away from a cater-for-all-possible-options drainage design to one that was financially viable, drilling 40m-deep lined boreholes to the porous strata below a non-porous aquifer bed.