CMYA Finalist

Employer: ISG

Project: Public Realm, Central Square, Cardiff

Linking the city’s main railway station and Millennium Stadium as well as new office blocks, Brian Amos’s public realm project was part of a bigger regeneration scheme with many, many stakeholders. Brian’s ability to engage those interested parties and give them confidence was as key to the project’s success as was his extensive civils, construction and groundworks know-how.

His meticulous programming and phasing maintained the continued smooth operation of the city’s main transport hub and its 10,000 daily users, not to mention the demanding stadium calendar, which included 20 events at full 75,000 capacity and another 40 with 40,000 spectators during the course of the project. The same uninterrupted progress for the adjacent sites was underpinned by his effective collaboration with their planners and senior managers. Just as importantly, he kept his own show on the road, ultimately delivering not only a series of phased handovers – every single one on time – but also the project’s financial, quality and time essentials.

Through additional on-site testing and ground investigation Brian was able to remediate and recycle site waste rather send it to landfill. He increased the thickness of the concrete sub-slab (recycling the piling mat as its sub-base) so it could be trafficked by construction vehicles earlier. He moved the surface water drainage to suit the modular paving tolerances, minimising cutting and wastage as a result.

Further evidence of his ability to add value came from the deployment of an electronic supply chain app to make the access, logistics and standards expectations clear to subcontractors. He even analysed past weather data, including rainfall and wind, to mould the programme.

The proper tribute due to his all-round success came with the client’s award to ISG of the contract for the city’s central transport hub, which involves modernising the train station, and building a new bus and tram station.