CMYA Finalist

Employer: Brymor Construction

Project: Guildford Business Park Unit 2

Andy Clark offered a safe pair of hands for this tricky building extension project on a site hemmed in by offices on two sides and the A3 on another. The works involved stripping back the existing facade and roof on an existing three-storey concrete frame, then adding a steel-framed fourth floor and a 10m concrete frame horizontal extension to create large floorplates with a central atrium, before recladding the building.

Quickly realising during the removal of the cladding (by hand, rather than with large excavators, to minimise damage to the frame) that attaching a new metal building could be disastrous without perfect knowledge of the existing as-built 1980s prestressed concrete frame, Andy insisted on a laser survey to generate a measurable 3D image of the structure. His foresight ensured that the new steel plates and bracketry to be bolted to the existing building allowed suitable tolerances for the new works, all of which were installed as a result without any major hitches.

Installing a forest of props inside the building to support a number of columns in the old building to take the additional load of the fourth floor would have affected the progress of other works. Andy therefore developed a method to underpin the columns with piles and a below-ground framework of steel-framed sections that avoided additional propping.

Technical mastery aside, though, Andy’s great contribution was his understanding that a leader cannot simply wield a big stick but must achieve full buy-in from all stakeholders to gain certainty of delivery. His collaborative leadership, keen business sense, sound lateral thinking and no-nonsense approach drove the contract forward and ensured all slippages were managed and overcome.

Committed, focused and capable, he delivered this contract, like so many others previously, within time and budget and to the quality required. On this job, as on so many other schemes, his efforts and achievement have resulted in the first-time client tendering for further work with him.