CMYA Finalist

Employer: WRW Construction Ltd

Project: IG Doors Production Facility

Adrian Roach’s value engineering of the earthworks for this 19,500sqm production facility made the project viable.

Adrian Roach’s value-engineering contributions to this 19,500sqm production facility may be, given that they focused on the ground now hidden beneath the build, yet their effect on project viability was galvanising.

Adrian – who has made the rare transition to construction management from a commercial background – took well over £1m out of the costs on a heavily overbudget tender submission through a three-pronged victory in the ground. He slashed the significant amount of imported stone needed for the ground formation levels by undertaking an earthworks cut and fill, and using the site soil instead. He ditched a 300mm stone capping layer needed for the proposed high-energy impact compaction process in favour of lime stabilisation. And he replaced a fabric-reinforced ground-bearing floor slab with a fibre-reinforced alternative that reduced the overall thickness of the slab, cut the cost of the slab components and speeded up installation time.

Having won the tender in the soil at precontract, Adrian repeated the trick during the construction phase. The site investigation report he was supplied with had failed to identify the extent of excessive trapped moisture in the site’s silty colliery spoil, and the ongoing ground compaction works were generating a hefty quantify of soft spots. Remediation would be both expensive and time consuming.

Adrian’s solution was to restrict the initial compaction works to the ground beneath the strip trench foundations, which allowed him to press on with building the structural framework, external wall and roof cladding. The envelope construction duration then gave the ground enough time to dry out for efficient compaction before the concrete floor slab was poured.