CMYA Finalist

Employer: Francis Construction

Project: New Visitor Entrance, Eton College

Despite a well-defined, quality-focused specification on this scheme to extend a grade II-listed structure with a new visitor entrance and offices, Adrian O’Shaughnessy still located and exploited value-engineering opportunities.

He responded to the roofing subcontractor’s concerns about the detailing between the rooflights using zinc by introducing a single-ply membrane that could replicate the seamed upstands. Likewise, he overcame the difficulty in procuring a steel staircase with bronze-clad stringers and aprons by achieving the bronze effect through a sprayed metallic finish.

And his management of the final surface water connection to the existing combined sewer (which was in the middle of the road alongside the site) eliminated the protracted task of having to open up a 4.5m-deep hole in the road surface and hand-dig a way through a mass of gas, water, cable, fibre, high-voltage electricity and street lighting services by making the connection via a shaft and heading.

Adrian’s relentless dedication, foresight and resourceful approach were key to the successful execution of this complex project. His thorough cross-examination of the richly detailed design drawings co-ordinated a highly tailored build. Always one step head thanks to non-stop planning, he commanded the interface between old and new, with such connections as angled custom-fit frameless glass panes being lowered seamlessly into place in retained brickwork.

When the supplier of the feature staircase proved unable to meet the quality demands, Adrian’s quick thinking and analytical approach allowed the scheme to be progressed without the stairs in place until late in the project. Enthusiastic, energetic and knowledgeable, he inspired the trades to feel a real sense of pride in the project. Rather than instantly reaching for compromises in favour of cost or time, he consistently went out of his way to maintain the design vision and integrity, delivering an exceptional level of finish and quality.