Entrants will be accepted from site and non-site based construction projects completed between 6 March 2016 – 7 March 2017.

The judges will look for the following information in regards to the nominated project.

Evidence of outstanding management skills in:

• Pre-contract phase
• Design & risk management
• Contract planning
• Technical ability
• Financial control
• Health, safety and welfare
• Communication & team work
• Leadership
• Relationship with stakeholders
• Quality control
• Project closeout


The project report guidelines

The questions below should be detailed in a project report format. The report along with the application form should be sent prior to the closing dates for entry on 6th March 2017.

Please include a series of photographs of the build from inception to completion within the submission and a recommendation from the client wherever possible. The information you provide should allow the judging panel to gain and overall view of the project and your level of responsibility within the project cycle.


Project Report Requirements

The questions in the detailed below should be answered in a maximum of 300 words

1. Explain your involvement within the pre-contract phase of the project? Provide examples as applicable.

2. Explain your position within the organisation of the team pre-contract? Including your position within the team. Please include tender information if available and an organisation chart.

3. Explain how you were involved in the programming of the project, inclusive of construction programming? Include examples and construction programmes.

4. How did you manage innovation and value engineering? Explain some of the issues and initiatives? Provide examples where applicable.

5. How were your relationships with the external project team? Including the client, and consultants?

6. Explain the technical difficulties that you came across whilst on the project? Were there any design management processes that were required throughout the build?

7. Did you control the financial elements of the project? Please include cash flow charts where possible and financial information.

8. How did you manage the quality of the project and the practical completion?

9. Explain your health, safety and welfare on site including RIDDOR statistics? Provide examples where applicable.

10. Did you make any impact on the local area? Including sustainability initiatives on site and within your local environment?

11. Explain the biggest challenge that you came across on the project?

12. Why do you feel you should be construction manager of the year?


Category list

Simply select a category on the entry form which you feel is most relevant. If you prefer leave it blank the judges will assign you the most appropriate category. Please note that the Judges may also reassign category boundaries and entries depending on entries received.

The categories have changed for the 2017 awards and will no longer include values and now include project types. Please see the below list:-

• Industrial
• Health Care
• Higher Education
• Schools
• Public & infrastructure
• Residential
• Retail
• Office
• Restoration
• Leisure
• Refurbishment / Fit Out