Online Entry Process

Step 1


Go to our Enter page and create a username and password for your account. Once you sign up you will gain access to the application form.

Step 2

Complete the entry form

You don’t need to complete your application in one go. You can save your progress and log back in to continue at any time. Remember, the competition is about you and your values, experience and skills. The project itself isn’t up for an award, you are.

Step 3

Press 'Submit'

Make sure to submit your application by the 15th of March.

Judging Process

Stage 1

Assessment of application forms

After the application deadline, the judges start assessing the submitted forms. You will be informed in April if you have made it through to the next stage.

Stage 2

Site visits

Judges will visit your site so you can talk through some of the key aspects of your project. This stage usually takes place in April or May.

Stage 3


If you succeed in getting to this stage, you will be invited to London for a formal interview in either May or June. You will be able to bring up to three supporters, clients or line managers, with you to support you.

Stage 4

We announce the finalists

If you make it through to the finalist stage, in July we will invite you to a Finalist Evening Drinks Reception in London, where you can hear from previous winners and learn what to expect on the awards night. At this stage, you are eligible to apply for Chartered Membership.